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Bruce Lee, Entertainment, & Jeet Kune Do

July 22, 2010

Bruce Lee is most well known for his captivating on-screen performances complete with chilling animal sounds, flying kicks, and, of course, the famed nunchaku. Although today’s generations are getting exposure to the Bruce Lee legacy through new TV documentary’s, video games, and MMA, there is a side of the legendary Martial Artist that deserves attention […]

CATWOMAN Vs BATGIRL – Victoria Vives fight

May 15, 2009

VICTORIA VIVES as Catwoman MARIELLE SHAYLOR as Batgirl Fight Choreography by KEI KOSUGI Hair and Make-up by MELISSA COCHRAN Vocal Coach CESILI WILLIAMS Written and Directed by TONY LAUDATI

NEW!!!! Hot Exotic Female Martial Artist / Superhero – VIDEO Below!!!

October 24, 2008

Before jumping into the HOT EXCITING SUPERHERO VIDEO below 🙂 …my name is Victoria Vives. You have seen me in this blog working in projects for Ralph Lauren, Christian Audigier, Cedric The Entertainer, SONY Pictures, Fitness Magazine… a lot of fun!!!! My Passion is developing my inner Superhero… to become a REAL SUPERHERO!!!! Like a […]

Zombie Strippers – Behind The Scenes

October 11, 2008

Victoria Vives is the Official Martial Arts Trainer for the Sony Pictures horror comedy “Zombie Strippers” by Jay Lee and Scream HQ. Special thanks to Scream HQ, to Jay Lee for putting this video together, and to Travis, Billy, Catero, Laura, Carmit and all the Z-Squad 🙂 Victoria Vives IMDB Victoria Vives RELATED LINKS: […]

CAA Young Hollywood Party

October 1, 2008

Last Thursday September 25th, the CAA Task Force hosted its sixth annual Young Hollywood Party at Social Hollywood. More than 1000 entertainment industry professionals and celebrities attended! One of my first friends here in LA, Douglas, he works in Fox Entertainment now and might get into the Oprah’s team!!!! I am so proud of him […]

Photos @ SacAnime

September 4, 2008

Crispin Freeman and Victoria Vives at SacAnime Crispin Freeman is an amazing Voice Over artist. Some of his credits are: Final Fantasy VII, Pirates of the Caribean, Lord of The Rings, The Sopranos, Ice Age, and Digimon. He is also a Writer in the Pokémon series!!!! Liam O’Brien and Victoria Vives at SacAnime Sam Riegel […]

SacAnime with Kung Fu Femmes

September 2, 2008

Yesterday I came back from Sacramento, after performing at Sac-Anime with Kung Fu Femmes. It was interesting to meet some of the Voice Over Artists from Digimon, Ghost in the Shell, Bleach, Final Fantasy, Transformers and more, especially since I work as a Voice Over Artist as well! CRISPIN FREEMAN, LIAM O’BRIEN & SAM RIEGEL […]

Cedric The Entertainer filming Chicago Pulaski Jones

August 23, 2008

Cedric The Entertainer and Victoria Vives with Kel Mitchell Cedric the Entertainer is set to make his directorial debut with the indie comedy “Chicago Pulaski Jones.” It centers around a young championship dancer, Jones, who heads to the big city for his shot at superstardom. To be released in 2009. Starring: Kel Mitchell, Cedric the […]

Video of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary

July 30, 2008

Showing our respects to Bruce Lee: Video contributed by Cliff Lenderman, host of MAIA maTALK audio CD, where I appear in my trip to Seattle for the 35 Bruce Lee Anniversary. VICTORIA VIVES Be my friend in Myspace 🙂 RELATED LINKS (alphabetical order): Brandon Lee: Bruce Lee 35th Anniversary: http://consciousentert…35th-anniversary…/ Bruce Lee […]

Pictures of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary

July 23, 2008

These are the pictures of my trip to Seattle for the celebration of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary: Victoria Vives and Bruce Lee’s Widow Linda Lee Cadwell Linda’s positive energy when she speaks of Bruce Lee, makes me feel as if she would have been spending every single day with him. She is a very inspiring […]