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Are you an American Idol, or a Hollywood Star?

The American Idol auditions took place this week. Using the headline “Don’t Sit Idol, Be a Hollywood Star” the Hollywood Star team took to the streets, giving the Talent who didn’t pass the American Idol audition a second chance — an opportunity to be heard and seen in the Hollywood Star international competition!

Daveed Meiron founder of HS TV (Hollywood Stars) and Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives with a bus driver saying “I’m a Hollywood Star” for the HS TV cameras!

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Victoria Vives

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3 Responses to “Are you an American Idol, or a Hollywood Star?”

  1. Every body deserve a second chance, but don’t forget that you are all already a star 😉

  2. stunning idea it such a shame when you see so much talent go to waste nomatter what competition it is full stop! great work as always V cool! Pics too nearly forgot about you hahaahaa your a universal shineing star X

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