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Kung Fu Femmes in India!

Pictures from the KUNG FU FEMMES India tour with ESPN, brought by Kayals! Video coming soon!!!!

Kung Fu Femmes with Sujit Kayal after one of our performances

Victoria Vives with Sujit Kayal and his lovely family :)))

Kung Fu Femmes in traditional Indian clothes: the SARI, with Sujit and Uday, our new friends in India!!!!

Party time!!!!!

Quick Change (Dancer Magicians for UK) and Victoria Vives

Tokara (Taiko Drummers from Japan) and Victoria Vives

Kung Fu Femmes having dinner with Sujit and Uday

Victoria Vives as an Indian 🙂

Victoria Vives

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One Response to “Kung Fu Femmes in India!”

  1. You look amazing and it looks like it was a lot of fun. You are doing good.

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