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ESPN Shows in India with Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives will be performing at the ESPN tour in India with KUNG FU FEMMES, and along with “Quick Change” and “Tokara”! The shows will be held in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Calcutta!

Kayals Entertainment will be bringing these three troupes from different parts of the world, and from different fields of entertainment assuring a memorable event!

ESPN is the Worldwide Leader in Sports


“Tokara – TAIKO DRUMS”

Quick Change: Magicians from UK

Tokara: Taiko Drums from Japan

Kung Fu Femmes: Martial Arts Females from US

Victoria Vives will be performing with Kung Fu Femmes!

“Victoria Vives performing a Flying Kick at the beach”

Victoria Vives

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Victoria Vives’ IMDb

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4 Responses to “ESPN Shows in India with Victoria Vives”

  1. Just incase i got it wrong Hehe Victoria AWESOME! I’ve only got so much love and respect for you wish you so much success always remember to stay focused and believe in yourself that’s the most important thing of all..Really love to see you achieve greatness makes me smile so much V you’ve got much heart,talent and spirit wish you a safe and happy journey XO HEY I’LL EVEN SIGN UP TO IMDB AND VOTE FOR YOU hahaaha might even put up a few of your links if i can figure out how to hehe much love&hugz have fun M.A

  2. haaaaaaaaiiiii

  3. Howdyall . First,allow me to say, great page . I enjoyed reading your blog .. Thanks for the nice info

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