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CAA Young Hollywood Party

Last Thursday September 25th, the CAA Task Force hosted its sixth annual Young Hollywood Party at Social Hollywood. More than 1000 entertainment industry professionals and celebrities attended!

One of my first friends here in LA, Douglas, he works in Fox Entertainment now and might get into the Oprah’s team!!!! I am so proud of him =) Love him!

The best was that this event was done to raise money for the Lollipop Theater Network!!!!

Victoria Vives with Lamorne Morris and David Fisher. Good people!

Lamorne Morris was there! He is a really really nice person… and very funny!!!! Here is his reel with some BET stuff:

>>>Lamorne Reel<<<

With one of my Music Producers, Pete Cole. He used to play with “The Sylvers”. He has great talent as a Musician and Actor!!!! Great heart too!!!

We sung together at the musical Dreamgirls. He always believed in me, and that is one of the greatest things that a friend can offer us!!!!

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