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Ted Wong Q&A @ Bruce Lee 35th Anniversary

Here is a video featuring Ted Wong speaking at Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary. Right before, he and I were sharing memories from Spain, my home country, were he was telling me he had been and had a great experience!

He mentions Spain in this video, because of his happiness to see that not only the United States, but the whole world was represented at this Bruce Lee Celebration! People came from many places around the World for this tribute to Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee would be happy (or IS happy!)

Speakers Left to Right: Thomas Carruthers and Bruce Lee 1st Generation Students Ted Wong, Allen Joe, and George Lee

Questions asked to Ted Wong in this video:

– What is the best advice that Bruce gave you? 1:13 (Question asked by )

– How much did he simplify what he taught over the years? Did you see that he started to simplify what he was teaching? 3:24


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