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Pictures of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary

These are the pictures of my trip to Seattle for the celebration of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary:

Victoria Vives and Bruce Lee’s Widow Linda Lee Cadwell

Linda’s positive energy when she speaks of Bruce Lee, makes me feel as if she would have been spending every single day with him. She is a very inspiring and radiant woman.

With Bruce Lee’s Daughter Shannon Lee (left picture) and Sister Phoebe Lee (right picture)

Phoebe came to me before knowing me and told me “You are very strong” , with a kind and familiar attitude, as if we were long time friends. She normally brings her sword with her, but didn’t have it at that moment. Shannon is lovingly dedicated to the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Bruce and Brandon Lee

Honoring Bruce Lee in his 35th Anniversary

With Bruce Lee’s 1st Generation Jeet Kune Do Students Ted Wong (left picture) and Jesse Glover (right picture)


IMDB Victoria Vives

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5 Responses to “Pictures of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary”

  1. What a great event that was. I think I remember seeing you in one of the seminars, Bustillo’s maybe? Nice to see you in Seattle!

  2. He was a very good friend of mine.
    Sorry I missed this event.

  3. Victoria! es fantastico volverte a ver…me hubiera gustado estar allí

  4. […] public links >> brucelee Pictures of Bruce Lee’s 35th Anniversary Saved by flamingSSJ on Wed 08-10-2008 Be Like Water My Friend Saved by pm5 on Mon 22-9-2008 […]

  5. Greatest respect to Bruce the more I learned about his early life prior to making his own movies. A lonely genius in martial arts at the height that no one could compete with or understand him. But his achievements came with no ease particularly in the 1960’s. He is the one that every martialists would like to compare themselves with but not even close. His spirit lasts forever.

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