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Bruce Lee 35th Anniversary Celebration

Today, July 20th, was the Bruce Lee 35th Anniversary Celebration. I traveled to Seattle to enjoy the Interviews and Q&A sessions offered by the BLF (Bruce Lee Foundation) with Bruce’s 1st Generation students. It was refreshing to listen to stories directly from this charismatic Martial Artist’s friends and family rather than from books or articles. I also enjoyed watching “Enter the Dragon”, and attending the Graveside Memorial Ceremony with Bruce family and friends.

The charismatic Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Kune Do

It was extremely inspiring to meet Linda Lee Cadwell, Bruce Lee’s Widow. I would better address her as Bruce Lee’s Wife, due to her way of talking about Bruce Lee. It felt as if she was still with him and have been with him every single day. She was radiant, elegant and full of contagious positive energy throughout the weekend.

Linda Lee Cadwell | Shannon Lee | Ted Wong

Linda, as well as Shannon Lee and Phoebe Lee (Bruce Lee’s Daughter and Sister), were extremely kind. I felt the warmth of being in family! Definitely an experience worth remembering.

There were also Bruce Lee’s 1st Generation Students including Ted Wong, Jesse Glover and others, as well as the excellent Martial Artist Thomas Carruthers, who offered an impressive demonstration of his skills.

The UFC sponsored this weekend’s convention.

Philosopher , Martial Artist, and Actor Bruce Lee

It was a beautiful experience! So many different cultures were represented this weekend. I am sure Bruce Lee would be pleased with the outcome of this celebration.

Pictures and video coming soon!


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5 Responses to “Bruce Lee 35th Anniversary Celebration”

  1. Hello there, I recently attended the BLF in London Excel way back in April 08, just before Seattle’s gathering.

    It was very good, I just wish I got their earlier to see the seminars hosted by Linda Lee & Shannon Lee and others. Was sad for me missing that, but as a consolation I did manage to get Shannon Lee to sign a picture of Bruce Lee, so I had a momento to take home.

    He was a great man, Bruce Lee, I will always remember him, as I’m writing this, I’ve just seen on television the film Dragon, starring Jason Scott Lee, it was a good film, Jason was a good actor, because he captured something special about Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee will be missed. Thanks. Leigh 🙂

  2. Hello, I am Rodrigo Reinante from Entre Rios, Argentina and I saw this BL’s anniversary celebration and when I listen to Linda talking about Bruce Lee it feels like years don’t really pass away. I am 26 years old and am martial artist (KF) since I was 15 who always admire Bruce Lee’s way of living, doing things and fighting against every obstacle but could never study Jeet Kune Do in a formal way because in my province there’s not JKD schools. I think this event will be celebrated many years more because still today Bruce continues to guide us towars our personal liberation
    PD: excuse my English.
    From ER, Argentina
    Rodrigo Reinante.
    Kung Fu student

  3. Mohammad Ali und Bruce Lee

  4. wow,,,,it’s amazing

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