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MATW Models Around The World Photos


Victoria Vives leaving home, then makeup and hair done at the Fashion Show


Once I am ready is time to mingle!!!! With Comedian T J McGee and with “The George Lopez Show” Actress, Masiela Lusha

Victoria Vives with “Paperback Hero” and with “Everybody Hates Chris” Actor, Ricky Harris

Victoria Vives with Hostess Tiffany Paige and with the New York TV Models

Liz, Victoria, Kahlelah


LEFT: With MATW Producer Shuntay, Zova LA Designer, Deanna Hodges, and MATW Founder William A Baker

RIGHT: With MATW Producer Devin Reeve and Comedian T J McGhee

With Steph Jones


Designer Deanna Hodges ( Zova LA ), Photos by Christopher Lozano

Designer Deanna Hodges ( Zova LA ), Photographer Donald Starks

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3 Responses to “MATW Models Around The World Photos”

  1. Great photos. I was wondering if you might link to my website. I was the other children’s designer – The House of Lux. I did the boys clothing. My website is

    thanks much

  2. Hey gurl!
    It was amazing meeting you-you have such a positive personality! I am requesting that you post the pictures you and I took together at the show!
    Thank you,


  3. Me ha encantado ver tus fotos.
    Siempre estás fantastica

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