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Al B. Sure! Birthday – 40 Years of Life, 20 Years of Music

Last night was the celebration of Al B. Sure! ‘s 40th Anniversary. 40 Years of Life, 20 Years of Music!

Al B Sure Victoria Vives

Al B. Sure! & Victoria Vives last night at the Celebration

Eric Benet & Al B. Sure! (photo by Vinnu Ratcliff)

The Story: Albert Joseph Brown known as Al B. Sure! was a star football quarterback at Mount Vernon High School in New York who rejected an athletic scholarship to the University of Iowa to pursue a music career. In 1987, Quincy Jones selected Brown as the first winner of the Sony Innovators Talent Search.

Al B. Sure! & Quincy Jones | Al B. Sure!

Subsequently, Brown went on to work with Jones on several projects, most notably the platinum single “Secret Garden” from Jones’ double platinum album Back on the Block. On this recording, Brown was one of a quartet with Barry White, El DeBarge and James Ingram.

Al B. Sure in the center, and sons Quincy and Lil’ Al B. Sure (by Vinni Ratcliff)


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7 Responses to “Al B. Sure! Birthday – 40 Years of Life, 20 Years of Music”

  1. Nice blog! M~

  2. Partial List of Celebrity/Personality Attendees for Al B. Sure! 40th Birthday Celebration June 4, 2008

    Al B. Sure!
    Son Quincy Brown
    Son Lil B. Sure!
    Tommy Davidson (Hosted)
    Ali Woodson
    Bill Bellamy
    Clifton Powell
    Angell Conwell
    Chico Benymon
    Eric Benet (Co-hosted)
    Jon B
    Judge Mathis
    Shaun Robinson
    Sheryl Underwood
    Telma Hopkins
    Claudia Jordan
    DeRay Davis
    Dorian Wilson
    Elise Neal
    Gina Ravera
    Guy Torry
    Joe Torry
    Lisa Foxx
    Kikey Castillo
    Landon Brown
    Mari Morrow
    Melissa McCloud
    Gary Sturgis
    Keith Robinson
    Andre Pitre
    Tennille Williams
    Chikezie (American Idol)
    Sam Bell
    Suzette Tomlinson
    Tameka Jacobs
    Taylor Dayne
    Ernest Thomas
    Brandon T jackson
    Ten Travis
    Saaphyri (Flavor of Love)
    Trenyce (American Idol)
    Myra (Universal Records)
    Sixx Carter (singer)
    Willie Macc

  3. Very nice Blog! Al still looking really good!

  4. Victoria, estas maravillosa siempre!! te deseo mucho exito!

  5. Eric Benet is SO sexy, i love his new song your the only one!

  6. cant get enough of the new album

  7. hes so talented! i def will have to catch him on tour with dwele!

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