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Summer New arrivals Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren presents Summer Glamour. The new arrivals BLACK LABEL. Chic – Modern – Refined

The elegant Silk Puff-Sleeve Blouse in a beautiful hot pink, one of my favorites, with modern pants in a fresh and feminine crisp white.

Here, left below, the Beatrice Striped Silk Blouse in a romantic white and pink combination. Stretch Cotton Halter right below with the 625 Wide-Leg Pink Jean, a stretch denim that sits low on the waist.

I have the pleasure of being a Castilian Voice Over Artist for the Ralph Lauren videos. Here is one of the videos I narrated for them:

Victoria Vives narrates a Ralph Lauren video

For more information about Ralph Lauren collection, prices, and shopping, please visit:

Polo Ralph Lauren named an Official Sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games.
Learn more here:

Ralph & Ricky Lauren

Ralph & Ricky Lauren | Fashion designer Ralph Lauren


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3 Responses to “Summer New arrivals Ralph Lauren”

  1. Looks good. It would be nice to include men’s fashion. M~

  2. Hey Max!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    My blog is focused in subjects that I am involved in in some way. I only narrate women’s fashion for Ralph Lauren, therefore I only wrote about that aspect in my post. However, I appreciate your suggestion and I will keep in mind to give a wider vision for future posts!


  3. Hello Victoria!
    You know as I like heard the sound of your voice!
    I think that it’s very nice for to talk and have much hard for to sing
    Congratulations to your excellent work!

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