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Zombie Strippers! with Jenna Jameson & Freddy Krueger Top 51!!!

Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers

Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger)

Zombie Strippers, the Sony Pictures Film by Jay Lee, was in Theaters in April and reached the Top 51 in IMDB. Chances are that this horror comedy will be back in theaters in the summer! (See trailer below)

Victoria Vives Martial Arts Trainer

Jenna Jameson, Jay Lee (Director) | Victoria Vives (Martial Arts Instructor)

I worked with Jay and Angela Lee (Producer of Zombie Strippers) a year ago in my music video FUEGO, which won a Telly Award (see video below). I was honored when they invited me to be part of their new movie Zombie Strippers as the Official Martial Arts and Fight Choreography Trainer for the Actors portraying the Z-Squad (the zombie stripper killers). I felt a little challenged the first month of training since some of them had no previous experience in Martial Arts. However, they really impressed me with the fast improvement of their skills!

Victoria Vives | Z-Squad

Synopsis: “In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. As the virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into “Super Zombie Strippers” the girls struggle with whether or not to conform to the new “fad” even if it means there’s no turning back.”

Enjoy the Zombie Strippers trailer!

And… Enjoy my Music Video FUEGO 🙂

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5 Responses to “Zombie Strippers! with Jenna Jameson & Freddy Krueger Top 51!!!”

  1. Hey, Victoria Vives! I had no idea that you got to be the fight trainer and choreographer! That’s awesome! I’m proud of you!
    Now I want to watch it.

  2. Congrads. You are awesome! I love your work. Keep it up. There is no stopping you!
    Your amazing,
    Ms Christina

  3. Hey Victoria~~~
    You look very nice with your pictures!!
    Good luck!!

  4. Hi Victoria
    You look relly great!, you are fantastic always

  5. Thank you so much to all of you for your beautiful words, appreciation and support 🙂 Much Love to you, Victoria

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